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Albuquerque Dragway Track Rules


RULE BOOK DISCLAIMER : The rules and/or regulations set forth herein are designed to provide for the orderly conduct of racing events and to establish minimum acceptable requirements for such events. These rules will govern the condition of all events, and by participating in these events, all participants are deemed to have complied with these rules. NO EXPRESSED OR IMPLIED WARRANT OF SAFETY WILL RESULT FROM PUBLICATION OF OR COMPLIANCE WITH THESE RULES AND /OR REGULATIONS. They are intended as a guide for the conduct of the sport of drag racing and are in no way a guarantee against injury or death to a participant, spectator or official. NO EXPRESSED OR IMPLIED WARRANTY OF SAFETY RESULT FROM SUCH ALTERATION OF SPECIFICATIONS. Any interpretation or deviation of these rules is left to the discretion of the officials.


GENERAL RULE STATEMENT:  The track holds the right to change a rule if the track manager deems the situation warrants such action. Vehicles participating in drag racing events will be presentable at all times.  Upon entering the race, racers agree to abide by all track and/or NHRA rules and that all interpretation of rules, questions and protests are left up to the starter, staging official or tech personnel. We recommend you purchase a NHRA rulebook, which contains a complete set of rules.


Rules in Alphabetical Order


Super Pro only is permitted to burn past starting line.Vehicles without front brakes will be allowed to burn-out past the starting-line, regardless of class.  All other cars will be disqualified if any portion of the car breaks through the Pre-stage and stage beams (deep stage or beyond).



First round losers may buy back into competition. Buy-backs will be inserted directly into the second round. Buy-backs MUST be purchased prior to the 2nd round. Any participant that makes a pass (accepts the tree) without having purchased the buy-back run will LOSE 500 track points for each offense plus pay a $100 fine and will be suspended from the track until fine has been paid.  No shows (car breaks) for first round may buy-back into second round. If the car did not stage in the 1st round, the driver will not receive points for the 1st round.



1.  Just as before the winner of the previous race will receive the bye run in the 1st round.  If there is no winner from that race due to not finishing the race, the points leader shall receive the bye.  If that car is not attending the race, the bye will go to the last remaining car.


2.  All other rounds will be chosen by the winning car from the previous round that had the best reaction time (must be a positive light).  In case of a tie, the car who got the best reaction first in that elimination round will receive the bye run.


3.  The car chosen for the bye run will be posted at tech prior to the start of each round.  The board will show each of the bye runs for every round in order.


It is the racers responsibility to check the board.  If you do not check the board and miss your bye run, it will be given to the last remaining car. 


4.  Just as before if there is an even number of cars and you are not given the bye run, you will be eligible for other rounds.  In the case of an even number of cars, the car chosen for the bye run will receive lane choice against the final remaining car. 


 5.  If all cars have received the bye run, then it starts all over and the best reaction time will receive the bye run.



Any participant found to be under the influence of any controlled substance is in violation of NHRA's substance abuse policy and will be referred to Track Management for disciplinary action. Disciplinary action could mean suspension from competition for a period of one year.


Any rider/driver, crew member, or person in association with a rider/driver or a crew member who is considered to be under the influence of any drug, alcohol, or any other judgment impairing substance will be expelled from the race and escorted off the premise together with the entire crew and vehicle associated with the offender. Alcoholic beverages of any kind are prohibited from being consumed by any racer or crew member prior to the completion of their racing for the day.



Dial-ins and car numbers must be on the right side window of your car and windshield. Poorly written dial-ins will not be accepted. Tower personnel must be able to read dial-ins at all times. One warning will be given to drivers whose dials are too small or not legible. The next infraction driver will be disqualified. If you do not a have a permanent number from NHRA, you will receive a track appointed number the first time you enter a race. Please use this number for the remainder of the season. It will help the tower staff as they enter racers into the computer. Contestants may change dial-ins between rounds. Contestants’ dials ins must stay within the parameters of their class. All dial-ins must be on your car and cannot be changed once you are motioned into the water box. The competitors dial-in will be visible on the scoreboards. If you feel a dial-in is entered incorrectly, DO NOT PRE-STAGE YOUR CAR until you are sure the dial-in is entered correctly. Once you have PRE-STAGED your vehicle, you are accepting race conditions "as is". Once you have PRE-STAGED your car there will be no re-runs. CREW MEMBERS ARE NOT ALLOWED to touch the car, starter, or interfere in any manner what so ever once the car is PRE-STAGED. If your car is PRE-STAGED, and a crewmember interferes, the racer will be disqualified. After this point no other consideration will be given.



This track will operate under the first or worse rule. Should a driver receive a red-light foul start and the opposing driver crosses the lane boundary line, the latter infraction would prevail and the driver committing the foul start would be reinstated. In determining lane boundary crossing violations, it is considered a disqualification when any portion of a tire completely crosses the painted line surface. In cases where both opponents cross the centerline or hit the wall, both drivers will be disqualified. Contact with the guardrail, barriers, or any other track fixture is grounds for disqualification and/or other actions. Intentional crossing of boundary lines to leave the track or avoid depositing debris on track is not grounds for disqualification.In heads up classes: if both competitors leave before the tree is activated and it is clearly visible which car left first, it will be disqualified. If it can not be determined, both cars will be disqualified.



All NHRA member tracks require that a driver have a valid state/government-issued driver’s license. Learner’s permits will not be accepted as a valid driver’s license. In addition to a valid driver’s license, some classes require that you have a valid NHRA driver’s license as well. The track reserves the right to request to view your driving credentials at any time during our events.



Excessive braking will not be tolerated. The track reserves the right to disqualify a driver for excessive braking.



UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES WILL ANYONE UNDER THE AGE OF 16 BE ALLOWED TO OPERATE A GOLF CART, ATV, MINI-BIKE, MOTOR SCOOTER, MOTORIZED SKATE BOARD, OR ANY OTHER MOTORIZED VEHICLE WITHOUT A VALID DRIVER’S LICENSE. One warning will be given. On second offense vehicle will be taken by track personal and stored until the end of the racing weekend. These vehicles are not to be used as recreational vehicles at the facility. Anyone doing so will be asked to park the vehicle or to leave the facility. Any child under the age of 14 must remain in the tow vehicle in the staging lanes or return road.



These rules apply to all racers, pit crew, and spectators alike. Please conduct yourself in a professional manner. There will be NO ALCOHOL allowed in the staging lanes or at any point beyond there. Absolutely NO GLASS BOTTLES allowed on the facility. No firearms or weapons are allowed on the grounds. Should it come to the attention that the afore mentioned items exist, you will be turned over to local authorities. Any person who does not abide by these rules will be asked to leave the facility and face further suspension from future events.


Veral abuse of track officials will not be tolerated.  Yelling, screaming, or using abusive langange toward a track official may result in disqualification, suspension, or removal from the facility.



If an event is canceled due to in climate weather, the following will apply:

SPECTATORS:  If the event is canceled before eliminations have begun, a full credit will be valid for 60 days.  If 1st round has been completed, no credit will be issued and the event shall be considered completed.  The receipt must be returned to the gate for the future event. 

BRACKET RACE: If your class has not completed 1 st round, a full credit will be issued to all drivers. If only 1st round is completed, 1st round winners will receive a credit (rain check), 1st round losers will not. Once 2nd round has been completed, no credit will be issued. The entire purse will be split equally between all remaining competitors. This credit will be good for 60 days from issue. If the racing season ends sooner than 60 days, the credit will expire on the last race.

"Take it to the track": If racing is canceled 1 hour after time trials have begun, no credit will be issued. If a race is canceled before the 1hr cut off, a credit will be issued. The credit will be good for 30 days from issue. If the racing season ends sooner than 30 days, the credit will expire on the last race.



If a competitor breaks on or before their first burnout, they will receive a rain check worth the amount of each Tech card. If a car has staged, there will be no refund. If a car breaks before eliminations, an alternate vehicle may be used per Track Manager approval. No additional time trials will be awarded. If a driver is using an alternate vehicle, that vehicle cannot be used by another driver. You cannot use your buddy's car that he is also running in another class. Also, the alternate car you are using must be the right car for the class. For example, you cannot run a streetcar in Super Pro.



From time to time problems may occur that require a re-run in eliminations. The track manager has the final say so in deciding whether a round will be re-run or not. It is track policy to re-run pairs in the event of a computer malfunction or other uncontrollable circumstances whenever possible. Each situation is different, and will be dealt with in the most fair and expeditious manner possible.



This is a special one round race that is open to all competitors, as long as they are in competition during the bracket race. The Entry fee will be $20. The winner shall receive 50% of the entry fees that are paid. The winner shall be determined by the car that runs closest to its dial in time, without breaking out. In the case of a tie, the driver with the best reaction time (closest to .000 without red lighting) shall be determined the winner. If there is still a tie, the money shall be split equally between the two winners. Any participant that does not pay for the “Run for the Money” will LOSE 500 track points from the class they usually run in, pay a $100 fine and will be suspended from the track until fine has been paid.



Speed limit in the pit area, return road, and other areas is 10 M.P.H.



Do not come to the staging lanes until your class in called. It is your responsibility to listen to the PA system or radio for class call.How cars will be paired during bracket races: Once the cars are pulled into the prestage lanes, each pair will be pulled at random using chips. A single lane may get pulled twice for a pair. The first car pulled will go to the left lane and the second car will go to the right lane. If there are two cars remaining, then the car that was awarded the "bye run" from the previous round will be awarded lane choice.



A Tech Official may reject vehicles that are improperly prepared. Our Tech Inspectors have the final say in any technical matters. They are specially trained in the area. All vehicles must complete a tech inspection before going down the track.



Every driver must fill out a tech card for each class he or she participates in. Please fill out tech cards completely. All tech cards must be signed by driver.



Any cars left in competition, in any class, will NOT be allowed to make time only runs between rounds.



Every effort will be made to provide a fair amount of time trials for each racer before eliminations. There is no guarantee on the number of sessions offered.



Transbrake tests are only allowed in the pits if the vehicle is on jack stands and a qualified driver is in the driver's seat.  No launches or burn outs are allowed anywhere except the burn-out box. Violators endangering others with reckless and inconsiderate drive habits (whether it is in/on a race vehicle or pit vehicle) will be expelled from the race facility with the entire crew and race vehicle.



RED shirts can identify track personnel. Some have radios. If you have any questions, contact a track employee and they will help you.


Revised: 08/29/2014


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