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Paved Pit Parking

All pavement at Albuquerque Dragway is rented by the year.  Racers pay for these spaces and have 1st right to them for every event during the season.  They are automatically reserved for every bracket race.  The racer may reserve them for any other event by calling 888-925-2227 and leaving a message in option #4.

Space vary in price from $200 to $350 depending on location and pavement type (asphalt vs millings)

If you are interested in renting a space please email us at

Pit parking 2023.jpg

List of Spaces

South Side Up Against the Track

1Max Tafoya

2Max Tafoya

3Russ Hines

4Wes Hedlund

5Wes Hedlund

6David Jaramillo

7David Jaramillo

8Ashley Trujillo

9Leonard Lujan

10Leonard Lujan

11George Plant Racing

12George Plant Racing

13Hooker-Patrick Niece

14Hooker-Patrick Niece

15Brandon Garcia

16Brandon Garcia

17Wayne Mac Leod

18Roddy Hatcher

19Roddy Hatcher

20Doug Cash

21Labbate Racing

22Labbate Racing

23Kim Labbate

24Kim Labbate

25Mike Fine

26Mike Fine

27Steve Collins

28Steve Collins

29Steve Collins

30Steve Collins

31William Rubi

32William Rubi

33Mike Chambers

34Mike Chambers

35Manuel Sanchez

36Manuel Sanchez

37Manuel Sanchez

38Lloyd Salveson

39Lloyd Salveson

40Bob Brush

41Bob Brush

42Sammy Franco

43Sammy Franco

44Sammy Franco

45Sammy Franco

46Jr .  Martinez   

47mPat Rife

48mPat Rife

49mAngelo Sanchez Racing

50mAngelo Sanchez Racing

51mManuel Baca

52mManuel Baca

53mManuel Baca

54mBenito Jacquez

55mBenito Jacquez

56mWayne Matthews

57mWayne Matthews

58mSammy Gonzales

59mSammy Gonzales

60mValerie Sanchez

61mJoe Sanchez 

62mJoe Sanchez 

63Michelle Campos

64Michelle Campos

65Victoria and Robert Quintana

66Victoria and Robert Quintana

67Dennis Martinez

68Dennis Martinez

69Dennis Martinez

70Alan Carpenter

71Alan Carpenter

72Mike Swalby

73Mike Abdalla

74Mike Abdalla

75Gabriel Maldonando

76Gabriel Maldonando

77Robert Matthews

78Tony Lukesh

79Tony Lukesh

80Ken Lukesh

81Art Pacheco

82Art Pacheco

83Thomas Martinez

84Manny Blea III

85Manny Blea III

86Manny Blea III

87Manny Blea III

88Manny Blea SR

89Art Blea

90Art Blea

91Art Blea

92Art Blea

93Juan Moreno

94Juan Moreno

95Juan Moreno

96Juan Moreno

97Steven Lakey

98Steven Lakey

99Thomas Martinez

100Gabe Montoya

101Gabe Montoya

102Gabe Montoya

103Gabe Montoya

104Ron Barychko

105Ron Barychko

106Ivan Price

107Ivan Price

CornerIvan Price

Middle Row

141Pat Vigil

142Pat Vigil

143Don Brown

144Don Brown

145Don Brown

146Paco Maldonado

147Paco Maldonado

148Paco Maldonado

149Paco Maldonado

150Paco Maldonado

151Ronnie Roybal

152Ronnie Roybal

153David Lewis

154Frank Romero

155Paul Roybal

156Paul Roybal

157Cortney Hines

158Cortney Hines

159Mike Perea

160Mike Perea

161Mike Stewart

161Mike Stewart

163Chad Dewees

164Chad Dewees

165Robert Howard

166Robert Howard

167Robert Howard

168Carlos Hernandez

169Carlos Hernandez

170Kevin Dailey

171Sam Martinez

172Sam Martinez

173Sam Martinez

174Sam Martinez

175Robert Salas

176Robert Salas

177Gary Sundby

178Gary Sundby

179Eddie Almanzar

180Paul Fields

181Jay Burdine

182Paul Kephart

183Steve Jackson

184Steve Jackson

185Steve Jackson

186Steve Jackson

187Silvia Vasquez

188Silvia Vasquez

189Phil Rael

190David Miranda

191David Miranda


193Alan Skinner

194Alan Skinner

TRISid Mc Daniels

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