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Attention Racers:  IRS Form 1099 Information


Some racers have not yet received their 1099's from Albuquerque Dragway. We used an outside company to facilitate the 1099 process this year. They should have mailed the form 1099 to you, and submit your winnings information to the IRS. We submitted the information to the company on January 22, 2014, well before the January 31st deadline. For some reason the 1099 forms have not been received by the racers. We have not received an answer from the company as to why this has happened. If you believe that you should have received a 1099 and have not. or if you have any question concerning your 1099. Please email us at and we will respond as soon as possible

Header Tethers


Header Tethers: All removable multi piece exhaust collectors/stacks must be securely fastened with either an NHRA-accepted header tether or a minimum 1/2" stitch weld located on each primary tube.



Jr Dragster side panels


Jr Dragster Side panels: Any portion of the body side panels that extend upward into the driver's line of sight must be clear and permit and unobstructed horizontal view of a minimum of 180 degrees. A clear window is acceptable

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