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New Super Pro Payouts and Entry Fees



Albuquerque Dragway is pleased to announce a change to the Mc Kinney Motors Super Pro Class.  Effective on the May 1st race the entry fee will be reduced to $55 per car.  We will also allow all cars to purchase two tech cards.  The 2nd tech card will allow a racer to re-enter the race after loosing the previsous round.  However once in the final, you will not be able to re-enter the race (only 1 final will be run).   Each Tech Card purchased will count as 1 car toward the payouts listed below.  Buy backs will no longer be available.


We have also changed the payouts. 



                    Winner        R/U         Semi          Quarter

50+              $1100      $400        $200         $100

40-49            $900       $300       $150         $100

30-39            $800       $250       $100            $75

20-29            $700       $200          $75           $50

19-less          $600       $150          $50           N/A

We believe this will bring back some excitement to the class and will make it stronger.

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