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Dates for

2017 Pacific ET Challenge

Sunday April 9th

Saturday May 27th

Saturday July 1st

Saturday August  5th

Saturday Sept 2nd (make up day)

October 1st (2nd Make up day)


The NHRA Pacific ET challenge consists of a four race series to be held at each NHRA Pacific Division Member Track. Racers will compete at their local track and not be required to travel for a chance at this award. Each competitor will be required only to be signed up for track points and have a current NHRA Competition Number/License (ET) and Membership. Champions will be crowned in Super Pro, Pro and Sportsman. Each champion will receive a Wally and jacket for this accomplishment.


*Please note that you are competing against racers from all Division 7 tracks. The racer with the highest overall points receives the Wally and Jacket. You stand as good as a chance as any other racer from any other track.  Racers may compete in this program at more than one track, but points will be awarded individually per track (no combining of tracks).Points will be awarded by the Pacific Division as follows:

                      Win - 85 points

                      Runner-up - 64

                      Semi finals - 43

                      Quarter finals - 32.


Seventeen (17) car minimum field size (five rounds) is required to recieve full points.Nine (9) car minimum (four rounds) will recieve win, runner-up, and semi points only.Five (5) car minimum (three rounds) will recieve win, runner-up and semi points only.In the event of a tie, the procedure to break the tie will be as follows: (1) Driver with most rounds won at scored events, (2) Tied competitors will face off at the Pacific Divisional Summit ET Finals with the winner being the champion.Points will be kept soley by, and at the descretion of, the Pacific Division Office.Albuquerque Dragway is responsible for getting all information to The Pacific Divisional Office.  Good Luck we had a Pro winner (Max Tafoya Jr.) in 2009...You could win also!



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