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Track Points


Racers earn points in each class.  100 points are earned for each round staged. 

Bonus points for semi' finals (25 points), runner up (50 points) and winner (175 points)

Super Pro

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Jr Dragster


Rule Clarification: If track management decides to cancel a race due to weather or unforeseen reasons the following will occur. Competitors who won the previous round and are not allowed to advance to the next round, points will be given as if the competitor competed in the next round. For example if first round is completed, but 2nd round is not, 1st round losers will receive 100 points, and 1st round winners will receive 200 points (as if they had staged their car in the 2nd round). If the race is canceled in the semi final round, all remaining competitors will also receive the semi final bonus points (125 points each). If the race is canceled in the final round. Both competitors will receive 125 additional points each

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